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last updated 22/03/2016


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We often get notifications  of regular jazz gigs closing without notice, so if you're planning to go to a gig it's worth checking on Amendments. Alternatively telephone the venue before traveling


The printed version of Jazz In London can be collected at various locations in and around London. It is generally distributed about a week before the end of the previous month to the pick-up points listed here.


  The latest issue is posted on "jazzinlondon.net"
a week or two prior to the start of each month depending on pressure from other jobs.
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This e-mail address is only for subscription to the free notification service. Your personal information will not be passed to anyone else without your permission. Please do not use this address for listings or advertising requests or other correspondence as no human gets to read it..

Communicating with Jazz In London


 Advertising questions should be sent to mary.greig@jazzinlondon.net or phone 01904 848338Space needs to be reserved as early in the month as possible; deadline for copy for advertisements varies from month to month but is around the 10th-12th.

Free listings

    .......should be submitted to listings-info@jazzinlondon.net.  Because we set high store by accuracy of information, listings will not be taken over the telephone. (Fax is no longer an option).Deadline for free listings is generally the 14th of the previous month (6pm) but please send before this date if possible. Ongoing gigs must be confirmed every month by the 14th, even if the information is the same.

However, we cannot guarantee to list every gig that is submitted . . .

....... Jazz In London is a specialist JAZZ publication, and decisions about listings are made on the basis of their appeal to jazz audiences in Greater London. The music must be predominantly Jazz (mainstream to contemporary), rather than predominantly Blues, Soul, R & B or whatever.

 Priority is given to gigs by professional or semi-pro musicians (except in the case of jam sessions). For restaurant gigs, you must specify whether access is available to non-dining listeners, or whether dining is obligatory. Restaurants which have obligatory dining at a high price (with jazz as a secondary element) are a low priority for listing.

Information Required

Keep information brief, but make sure to include venue name & address, date & day of the week, artist/band, time, admission price (or F /FD*). Please also give your contact phone number, a phone number for the venue,and a phone number for public enquiries about the jazz (this can be the same number as the venue if appropriate).

Do not send press releases, pictures or other documents which include your programme. We do not have the resources to provide extensive editing. And please do not send attachments which will clog up our mailbox and slow our link down. Weekly/monthly residencies should be marked (R) but must still be confirmed each month before the 14th (6pm) of the previous month otherwise we will assume the residency has ceased.

* F = free admission, FD = free admission to diners, R = residency


If you have any problems either viewing or printing the pdf file please let us know at
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Jazz In London has been continuously produced for over 40 years To read an account of the back history, checkout Sebastian Scotney's London Jazz Blog at http://londonjazz.blogspot.com/2011/06/celebrating-forty-years-of-jazz-in.html.