last updated 05/07/2016

Jazz in London ceased publication after the April 2016 issue.  We have been working on the development of a new on line resource designed to fill the void left by Jazz In London. In the meantime we launched a crowd fund-raising campaign through Kickstarter to hire professional help in providing a fully functional database and a front-end, smart-phone/tablet based application so that full information on the month's gigs is always in your pocket. We also generated a web-based demonstrator to illustrate the sort of features we aim to provide in the finished application. This has been on line since early June. The July issue was uploaded on July first. Please check it out on and send us your comments using the polling feature provided.

The Crowd funding appeal started strongly and has done very well but we still need around 500 to reach our 10,000 target and there are only 5 more days to go. If the target is not reached by the closing date (10th July) then the pledges are not redeemed and we cannot proceed. If you would like to see this initiative succeed then I strongly suggest that you look closely at the Kickstarter at
 to see whether there is any way you can still contribute.

Best Wishes, Mick Sexton & Sarah Chaplin.

Jazz In London has been continuously produced for over 40 years To read an account of the back history, checkout Sebastian Scotney's London Jazz Blog at