Jazz in London: January - 2013 Issue. Viewing Instructions.

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Programme Changes for January 2013 Last updated 10-01-2013

Jazz @ Waterline 46 De Beauvoir Cres. N1 5RY (see ad page 4). The venue is unexpectedly closing for a time so January gigs on 17, 24 & 31 are transferred to The Hackney Cut ,  Roach Rd, Hackney Wick, E3 2NT, 07528134353 and tonight's gig (10th Jan) is cancelled>

Way Out West Following on the short-notice relocation of last two December gigs the January programme will now be back on track from 9th January with the Tom Millar/James Partridge group.

Sundays at White Hart E4 (free listings). We hear from the promoter that "the White Hart will be unable to host the jazz events on Sundays Jan 6, 13 or 20. The 27th remains unaffected."

Prince of Wales SW19, (listed under Wednesdays). January Gigs cancelled ..."the venue has just pulled the plug on us."

The Boaters Inn, Kingston-on-Thames. The printed January programme showed the first Sunday in February as featuring Jim Mullen. This has changed. Jim will now appear the following week (10th February). Also Steve Pearce replaces Chris Dodd in Fletch's Brew on 27th January.

Promoters with late programme changes can notify these to jazzinlondon@btinternet.com for display on this page. Note this is not an alternative to providing listings information by the publication deadline. Please continue to provide listings information direct to Mary Greig by the mid-month deadline in the normal way ("see free listings section of publication").