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Programme Changes for March 2013 Last updated 15-03-2013

Re Bar 414:    "Message from organisers: "Owing to circumstances beyond our control, Thursdays 21 & 28 March have had to be cancelled"

Polish Jazz Cafe, POSK, 238-246 King Street, London W6 0RF. JiL has received the following message from the organisers:

"We have had a change of event for Saturday 23rd March.The Glenn Miller story will not be going ahead as advertised. Instead we have The Alan Barnes Quartet with Robin Aspland on Piano, Andy Cleyndert on double bass, and Matt Home on drums. Entry £7."

Promoters with late programme changes can notify these to jazzinlondon@btinternet.com for display on this page. Note this is not an alternative to providing listings information by the publication deadline. Please continue to provide listings information direct to Mary Greig by the mid-month deadline in the normal way ("see free listings section of publication").